Payment Page supports accepting payments with your Stripe account!

Stripe is a global payment gateway provider for businesses of all sizes. You can register for a free account on and only pay for gateway processing fees (subject to change). See supported countries at

With Stripe's powerful payments API, they've made it possible to accept payments with a wide variety of global payment methods, including Wallets, Bank Transfers, and more.

Before connecting with any payment gateway, be sure you have an SSL security certificate enabled on your site, and that you're accessing your site via https.

How to Connect Stripe to Payment Page

You have the option to Connect with Stripe during the Setup Process or in the Payment Gateways tab:

Stripe must be connected in TEST and LIVE modes independently. After connecting in one mode, you'll need to connect again after switching to the other mode. It is not required to connect in both modes for payments to work.

On the next page, you'll be prompted to login to your Stripe account. If you're connecting in TEST mode, you'll see a TEST mode badge and an option to "Skip this form."

Skipping the form allows you to start processing test payments immediately, however, the test payment data will not be stored anywhere. In order to see the test payment data, be sure to connect after logging in first.

If you connect with a real Stripe account and not by skipping, you'll see your Stripe account name next to the switcher for TEST and LIVE mode. The TEST mode indicator will also change to Yellow to show that TEST mode is connected.

To connect in LIVE mode, simply click the switcher and follow the same process. There won't be an option to "Skip this form" in LIVE mode, as LIVE mode requires a real Stripe account to process payments.

After the connection is successful, you should see something like this on your connection Status indicator, which indicates that LIVE mode is active, and both modes are connected to Stripe properly.

Activating Stripe Payment Methods

To activate specific Stripe Payment Methods throughout your site, click on the left side arrow indicator to expand the results.

Then, click each checkbox to activate each payment method. This will activate the payment method to be used on any payment forms on your site. You can separately activate each payment method independently on each payment form.

Be sure to activate all payment methods in your Stripe account in order for them to work properly.

For further details about each Payment Method, please check the different sections below:

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