Quick Setup

Here is the Quick Setup process for the Payment Page WordPress plugin. We've broken down the steps in detail so you know what everything does.

Once the plugin has been properly installed and activated, you'll be directed to the following Quick Setup steps under the Payment Page menu (#1 in screenshot).

Connect your Payment Gateway

Currently, Stripe and PayPal are supported, so you can connect either of those payment gateways by clicking the corresponding buttons (#2 in screenshot).

You can switch to LIVE and TEST modes at any time. The switchers control LIVE and TEST modes globally for all payment forms on your site (#3 in screenshot).

Payment Gateways must be connected in LIVE and TEST modes independently.

Once you've connected your payment gateway in both LIVE and TEST modes, be sure to activate all the relevant payment methods you want to use. Click to expand the payment methods section (#4 in screenshot), and check the boxes next to each payment method (#5 in screenshot).

The free version of Payment Page supports one-time payments with Credit + Debit Cards for both Stripe and PayPal.

Additional payment methods for each gateway and recurring subscription payments are supported on the Personal Plan or higher.

After you've finished connecting the payment gateway, the next step is to Select a Template.

Select a Template

There are free and paid Templates included with Payment Page for you to easily get started with a beautiful page and form to accept payments from customers.

Templates all require the free or paid version of Elementor to be installed at this point in time. We may support other page builders later.

If you don't have Elementor installed, the free version of Elementor will be automatically installed and activated once you click Install Elementor Now.

Next, click "Import" to import your preferred template and start editing, or click "Upgrade" to access the paid templates. The green checkmark indicates that Elementor is installed.

Manual Setup

If the import process doesn't work for any reason, or you simply want to start fresh and fully customize your Payment Page, you can drag and drop the Payment Page Form Widget onto any Elementor page:

Customize your Payment Page

Hover over your payment form, and click the blue box with the pen icon to start customizing your Payment Page settings with the powerful Elementor Widget.

Start editing and designing your payment form by selecting the Content, Style, or Advanced tabs in the upper left corner (#7 in screenshot).

After customizing your payment page, click on the green button on the lower left side to "Publish" or "Update" changes (#8 in screenshot).

On the upper left corner, click on the three horizontal lines, and go to "View Page" to see your published Payment Page (#9 in screenshot).

Read more to learn about the customization options and features available with Payment Page.

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