PayPal Webhook Configuration

Configuring PayPal webhooks takes a few simple steps in order to validate payment completion.

Once you've configured your PayPal connection, you may want to set up webhooks in order for Form Actions on Submit to work properly.

To create a Webhook, go to the PayPal My Apps & Credentials section.

Creating a webhook is the same process in TEST and LIVE modes - just ensure you've clicked "Sandbox" or "Live" using the switcher at the top of the My Apps & Credentials section.

Click the application you created in PayPal Setup, and scroll to the bottom of the application details to edit the section called "Sandbox Webhooks."

Click "Add Webhook."

Paste in the Webhook URL from the Payment Page plugin settings, which is dynamically generated for your site:

Then, select the option for "Payment capture completed."

Click "Save" at the bottom.

Copy the newly created "Webhook ID" into the Payment Page plugin settings and click "Save Settings."

That's it! Your new webhook is properly configured in TEST or LIVE modes.

Please reach out to with any questions.

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